Music Competitions



Welcome to the Music Competitions page of the Taunton Festival of the Arts.

(Rule change—previous winners are now able to re-enter. Please read provisos for individual competitions)

Taunton Young Musician

The Trustees of the Festival have established a fund, designated to provide prizes for young musicians who have demonstrated outstanding musical ability. Run on competitive lines, the competition aims to assist and encourage musical excellence amongst students living in the Taunton area.

8th March 2020 —- details to follow


Taunton Junior Young Musician

TJYM began as an addition to TYM, but it was felt it should have its own identity as a separate competition.

8th March 2020 ———-Details to follow


Taunton Young Singer (Grade VI+)

This competition for young singers has been set up by the festival in response to the ever-growing number of entries in the Music Festival. It was also felt that singers should have their own competition and not be judged alongside their instrumental contemporaries as in past Taunton Young Musicians competitions.

1st March 2020 ———-Click here for details


Taunton Junior Young Singer

The Taunton Junior Young Singer of the Year competition has been created following the success of Taunton Junior Young Musician in 2014/15 and the ever growing interest in the Taunton Young Singer competitions.

29th February 2020 ———-Details to follow


Taunton Young Music Theatre Singer

Competitors are invited to perform a programme from different periods and genres, up to a maximum of twelve minutes. Movement will be permitted, if appropriate, but not costume or props.

1st March 2020 —- Click here for details


Somerset Song Prize (18-26)

The Somerset Song Prize is a prestigious competition promoted by the Festival, Somerset Opera, and the Ronald Tickner Educational Trust, first run in May 2013 and is a biennial event.

For More information click here.