Our children and young adults in this area are at the heart of our work.

Help us to continue to support and maintain the growing commitment to Taunton Festival of the Arts.

Taunton Festival of the Arts supports around 14 events a year over 28 days.  These events are run mostly, but not exclusively, for children and young adults. Activities range from Dance, Drama, Speech and Music Festivals, to Workshop days and Competitions. The Festival is committed to promoting excellence in many areas of performance art. It does this by providing performance opportunities to young adults and children from around the county. Within our competitions and Festivals we provide adjudicators with a national reputation who can comment on standards achieved and also give indications on ways to progress.

We are a non-profit making charitable organisation which is run solely by volunteers. We are always looking for assistance from local organisations to help run and fund our events. We work hard to keep costs to a minimum. Our principal expenses are those of venue hire and printing as well as the cost of hiring adjudicators. We also offer cash prizes with some of our competitions.

As a sponsor you will be helping to promote the performing arts in our area. I am sure there is no need to point out how important that is. Government grants for the arts are not as generous as they have been in the past, and it is now up to every one of us to promote aspects of the arts that are important to us, in whatever way we can.

Ideally we would hope for you to sponsor us financially. In return, if appropriate we would be able to offer you advertising opportunities in both our printed programmes and on our website.

If you are unable to offer monetary support, could you offer something else: a venue for hire at a reduced price, help with printing of programmes, man hours, provision of stationery, etc.

As you can imagine, with around 14 events a year, we face substantial running costs. Please help us to keep these events going for many years into the future. We would also love to expand our activities in the performing arts. For instance, last year (2018), the Festival was the promoter of a performance of Noyes Fludde at St James’s church, which was a memorable occasion with  many children involved.


Please contact us on: , to find out the many ways in which you can contribute to our success.  Maybe you have ideas about activities that we could be pursuing. Please do contact us!

Our Festival aims to provide opportunities for young people to make the fullest use of their talents in the Performing Arts. Each year hundreds of young people from our area take part in our festivals and competitions.

Sponsors provide the Festival with much needed support and in return become associated with vibrant, high quality and entertaining events.

A donation of £300 sponsors one of the following events. Your name or the name of your business will be acknowledged in all programmes relating to the activity of your choice:

Music Festival

Drama Festival

Dance Festival

Young Dancer

Young Music Theatre Singer

Young Theatre Performer

Young Singer

Young Musician

Junior Young Singer

Junior Young Musician

A donation of £1000 sponsors all Festival events.


If you are interested please contact

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