Dance Regulations

  • 1. This Festival is for amateurs who, for the purpose of this Festival, do not receive more than out of pocket expenses for services rendered in dance.

  • 2. Entries must be made using the official form supplied and returned by post or email to reach the dance secretary by 28th February 2019. This must include the correct entry fee. Entries will not be accepted without payment.

  • 3. All classes may be entered non-competitively and receive adjudication only.

  • 4. Age shall be calculated as of 28th February 2019

  • 5. The adjudicator’s decision is final, and no correspondence can be entered into regarding the result. Teachers and other parties may have no communication with the adjudicator prior to, or after the performance.

  • 6. This Festival is bound by copyright law and cannot allow the use of photographic equipment including camera phones. This is strictly forbidden during performances and adjudications. The Festival will allow a professional photographer to capture stage shots. Only the parent/guardian of entrants will have access to the photos. 

  • 7. Taunton Festival of the Arts will award certificates to all competitors and a medal to 1st 2nd and 3rd placements.

  • 8. Entrants must take note of time allowances for each performance; failure to comply may result in disqualification.

  • 9. This Festival operates a Child Protection Policy.  This is found in the syllabus and in the programme.

  • 10. The committee may combine Sections or Classes when entries are small and divide a class when entries are large.

  • 11. Performers must dance in correct programme order and it is the responsibility of entrants to report backstage in due course for their performance. 

  • 12. The adjudicator will use the marking system of the British and International Federation of Festivals:

90+ Outstanding An exceptional performance, both technically and 


87-89 Distinction An excellent performance technically and artistically. 

84-86 Commended A convincing performance technically and artistically.

81-83 Merit A capable performance showing some artistic and/or technical ability.

78-80 Moderate A performance showing development of technique and/or communication.

75-77 Fair A performance limited in its communication.

  • 13. Groups must consist of 4 or more dancers

  • 14. The use of recorded music at festivals: This Festival is affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals and participates in its group licence to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers using CD’s created from commercial recordings are advised that they should themselves obtain permission to re-record from the record companies concerned as the Festival cannot accept responsibility for this. 

  • 15. Pointe work is only allowed from 13 years.

  • 16. Programmes will be issued stating approximate times of each class, but the Festival reserves the right to commence any class up to 15 minutes earlier than published. 

  • 17. Any dancer over 9 who fails to complete a performance will not be allowed to restart that performance, except in the case of equipment failure or at the discretion of the adjudicator.  

  • 18. Only CD’s will be accepted from the entrants and these can be left with a member of the committee at the stage door. 

  • 19. The stage, side stage, back stage and stage wings are out of bounds to all expect authorised persons and entrants about to perform. 

  • 20. It is the venue’s policy that for the use of props, no unauthorised person can go to the stage, side stage, back stage or stage wings. Please ask a committee member for assistance.