Festival Report 2013

Published March 02, 2014 by Webmaster in All Yearly Reports Festival Reports

The 100th Festival, held in Taunton School, Temple Methodist Church, Queen’s College Junior School and Queen’s College Taunton, saw yet another wonderful week of Music, with performances of every variety from hundreds of young people.

Piano Day. Throughout the day we were treated to a feast of music played with obvious enjoyment. The point of a music festival is that it develops confidence, lets you share music with others, and gives instant feedback on your performance. We must thank the teachers and organisers who make this possible. (Gwyn Flitters)

Wind Day. This was a galaxy of recorders, mellow woodwind and sparkling brass – solos, duets and ensembles; there were lively performances from the Taunton Children’s Orchestra and Castle School’s scintillating Wind band, Jazz band and Steel band. The evening ended with a first ever appearance at the Festival of a Free Reeds band – the terrific J25 Concertina Band. (Hilary Daniel)

Strings Day. Queen’s College provided a comfortable welcome, and adjudicators Andrew Sherwood and Guy Bacon gave friendly encouragement & expert advice –both musical and technical. A wide range of classes on offer covered solos on all string instruments, ensembles of varied size and some excellent chamber music.

The high level of endeavour & dedication were rewarded by the sheer quality of performance – of outstanding merit were Robin Stallard’s bass playing, Jenny Keys’ performance on her viola & under 10 year old guitarist Millie Baker. Many certificates and trophies were presented. Ages of players ranged from 5 to 70+; truly something for everyone! (Mary Trewin)

Vocal Day. Large numbers of bright and interested young people singing and receiving considered and helpful adjudications from excellent adjudicators. Several Junior and Senior choirs took part in the afternoon, filling the Hall to bursting and delighting the audience with their confidence and verve. There was probably a record number of entrants for our 100th anniversary. (Linda Marshall Cole)